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Esurance vs Geico

Esurance vs GeicoEsurance vs Geico, how do you know which is better. Which company is right for you? I guess that depends on what you're looking for in an insurance company. They are both very capable of providing you with insurance that will take care of your needs. There are differences that are quite important to be aware of, though. If you're in the market for insurance, than comparing these insurance companies is something you must do. A decision cannot be made unless you know what you need. Both of these companies offer competitive auto insurance. Prices for auto insurance definitely vary based on your driving history, type of car you drive, and other factors.

Price is usually the top factor in choosing car insurance. So which of these two companies is cheaper? For standard insurance on a compact car, driven by a single driver, with a good history, esurance was fairly cheaper. They quoted me about 500 dollars less for every six months of coverage. This is a pretty major difference and though this is only a quote, it is a good indication on which company saves you the most money.

Another question is what else they offer for your precious dollar. Roadside assistance can be a crucial component of your auto insurance. This is especially true when standing next to a highway unable to go anywhere. Geico offers a good program, with towing and a 100 dollar lockout service. A certified locksmith will come out to you and get you back in your car, with a 100 dollar limit. Esurance is definitely superior in this regard. They offer all that Geico offers with an addition of gasoline fill-ups and tire changes.

Customer service is a must in this industry. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with an unpleasant customer representative or finding out your insurance policy isn't what you thought it was. According to JD power ratings of these two companies, Geico was rated much higher than esurance. On a scale of one (bad) to five (excellent) Geico was a point higher in every category. These categories included policy, pricing, billing, and ability to contact a representative.

Another review is the customer service expert rating. This rating is a ratio of the number of valid complaints against a company divided by the number of policy holders. This category gives Geico another win. Esurance averages just a little more than one complaint per customer. Geico has a rating of less then .4 complaints per customer. This means that less than half the Geico customers file complaints, while esurance average more than one complaint per customer.

So, after a careful review, in the battle of Esurance vs Geico, it seems if you're willing to pay a little more it would be worth it to go with Geico. Esurance may be cheaper, but they seem to indicate the fact with the quality of their product.