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Geico vs State Farm

Geico vs State FarmWhen deciding on a car insurance provider many consumers have different features which they are looking for. In comparing companies, in terms of name recognition, the biggest consumer comparison is Geico vs State Farm.

Geico vs State Farm – Cost Battle
The price comparison when looking at Geico vs State Farm is pretty close in terms of overall cost. In pricing terms, Geico "cuts out the middleman," i.e. the agent. The company's focus is for the consumer to feel as if they are purchasing from GEICO directly, and not paying to speak to an agent who is being paid commissions. Geico's rates are determined as to how much insurance an individual or local SEO company wants to buy.

State Farm sells insurance through captive agents nationwide; this means that these agents can only sell State Farm products. However, the company claims that their insurance is still comparable in the market.

To really determine the winner in the Geico vs State Farm battle for cost, a consumer needs to do a comparison quote and obtain identical quotes. The rates will be based on your location, car type, age of driver, and other factors. Although Geico claims to be 10-15% cheaper than other insurers, the only way to really determine the cheaper coverage is to get identical quotes from both insurers based on the questions the agent asks you.

Advertising Battle – Geico vs State Farm
The clear winner in this category, based on consumer ratings and company ratings, is Geico. The insurance company offers humor, quirky ads, and the well-known Geico Gecko, which has become beloved by both consumers and the auto-insurance world in general. The humor used in their advertising, along with well-known slogan of "15 minutes can save you 15% or more" has drawn consumers to the insurance company.

On the other hand, State Farm's advertising is geared more towards an informational tone, rather than the humor tactics used by Geico. The company is geared at giving consumers the facts, and reasons they should choose their insurance.

Although State Farm uses a more "business-like" approach, consumers are more drawn to the Gecko. The humor along with informational tone seems to appeal more to the consumer in the market. Therefore, through their use of colloquial means to reach the consumer, Geico comes out on top in the advertising ratings.

Although consumers will look to more than a television commercial to decide on a company, today Geico seems to have a larger consumer and retention rate than does State Farm. Whether it is because of comparable rates on the market, a reliable insurance coverage plan, or comparable coverage options, Geico seems to be the winner between the two companies, and in fact, one of the leading car insurance coverage companies in the industry.