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Keep your Tires inflated to avoid Car Accidents

Fully Inflated Tires are Safer

Car AccidentsProperly inflated Tires saves fuel costs, reduces emission and makes driving much safer. Under inflated tires are more likely to fail at very high speeds. Correct tire pressure is required to maintain shorter stopping distance while braking and to avoid skidding on wet surfaces. Insurance experts point to the fact that under-inflated tires can indirectly affect your auto insurance in California. Under inflation causes overheat of tires, which leads to bursting and dangerous situations. A quarter of California citizens are said to drive cars with under inflated tires, causing hundreds of road fatalities that puts a stress on the California Auto insurance industry. Under inflated tires are the main cause of many accidents and SUV rollovers. Proper Tire Pressure can help save your Car Insurance in California.

Every California Driver should know that properly inflated tires reduces the risk of an accident, and helps you get the cheapest car insurance in California in the years to come. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 55% of all the vehicles driven in the USA have at least one under-inflated tire. Apart from wasting fuel, under-inflation multiplies the chance of tire bursts and loss of steering control in icy weather. Keeping a clean record without any such accidents leads to cheapest auto insurance in California.

Correct tire pressure is important for the safety of your vehicle and for extending your tire life. Tires under correct inflation wear more evenly leading to a comfortable drive throughout the life of the tire. Uneven tire pressure increases tire wear and loss of money for replacement tires.

Check tire pressures as early as possible in a proper schedule. Use the right gauges and check pressure in the right way. Taking your time to periodically inflate your tires saves more than money. They prevent costly accidents and fatal situations, a sure way to save car insurance in California.

Under inflated tires increases fuel consumption. Always make sure that the tires are inflated to the correct tire pressure as mentioned in your vehicle’s driver door or the owner’s manual. Also check the pressure of the spare tire too, if not every time, at least once in a month. If you are looking out for cheap California auto insurance, you need to make sure your vehicle and your tires are properly inspected and checked every time you visit the garage.

Any California Car Insurance agent will appreciate the importance of properly inflated tires. Poorly maintained tires and uneven treads can cause serious rollover accidents. Tires constantly contact the roads in both cold and hot conditions; they get heated while driving and wear out over a period of time. Tires have to be inspected regularly and the pressure has to be checked before every long trip. As a driver it helps to know how to check your tire pressure, fill-up your tires and adjust the tire pressure based on the road and weather conditions. Poor tire pressure maintenance leads to accidents and crashes, increasing the chances of injury and raising the drivers’ California car insurance costs.