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State Farm vs Farmers

State Farm vs FarmersWhen looking for insurance companies you need to make good comparisons. You need to find out what companies offer in the way of discounts and other perks.

If you are doing an insurance comparison such as State Farm vs Farmers Insurance Group to fit your insurance needs, both companies are a very reputable with many years of service to the public. State Farm offers automobile, home, and life insurance. They have investment plans and their own banking system, and loan department.

The type of coverage you choose through State Farm determines how much your premium will cost. And, it depends on the year, make and model of your car. If you have an expensive car then the premiums will be higher.

As with any insurance company, if you live in the city then you may pay a higher rate then a rural resident, because of a supposedly higher crime rate, possibly more tickets are issued and there is the possibility of more automobile accidents. People who drive their car for pleasure as opposed to using their car for business or work will pay a lower cost.

At State Farm, young single males under the age of 25 will pay a higher rate. Credit histories are reviewed at State Farm because they feel that a credit report says a lot about the insured. State Farm feels that it tells them how well you will pay your premiums and how competent a driver you will be. Stay accident free for five years and you will pay a lower insurance rate.

State Farm will offer insurance discounts in several areas such as multiple vehicles, grouped coverage such as home and autos, new vehicles, anti theft devices, good student, good driver, drivers training program and defensive driving discounts. Anyone willing to participate in a review program to refresh their driving skills will get a discount through State Farm. State Farm Insurance says that you can save up to 40% on your insurance with them, using their discount double-check program.

Farmers Insurance Group will insure your automobile, home, business motorcycle, RV, and they offer life insurance. They offer financial solutions such as annuities, universal life insurances, 401K’s, rollovers, traditional and Roth IRA’s. They can help you with college savings plans. Credit report checks are not mentioned as part of their process in writing insurance policies, so this issue is not clear.

An interesting thing with Farmers is that they offer a driver’s education program for the teenagers in your family to enhance driver safety. Farmers feel that this is a good way to educate the younger driver. It will also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Farmers will also give everyone a course in basic first aid if they want it, and will teach what to do in the event of someone needing emergency medical treatment until professionals arrive.